Closing & Opening Package

Starting in the fall, our discounted closing-opening is our most popular service. For one price, we winterize the pool, add a winter chemical kit, perform a pre-season check, and open the pool. For a more detailed description of the services, please see below.

Pool Closing

Our well trained staff employs the latest of techniques and equipment . We want you to have peace of mind that goes with having your pool professionally winterized. This service comes with our guarantee against any freeze damage to equipment or plumbing.

At the closing we will blow out the lines; empty and winterize the filter; clean grid assembly; prepare the pump and heater to prevent frost damage; lower the water level; add the included winter chemical kit; remove ladders, handrails and fittings, and other pool accessories for storage.

Pool Opening

Our pool opening starts with a spring pre-season check and re-assembly of the equipment in March. If there are any issues, you will be contacted then.

At the scheduled opening, our technician will remove the winter plugs and gizmos; install drain plugs into equipment; start-up and test the pool’s equipment; prime all plumbing lines; test the water and add Suburban Service chemicals; install ladder, handrail, and other pool accessories. You can also have us remove, fold and stow the cover, and vacuum the pool at an additional charge.